Crestwood Growers is your #1 Intermountain West tree wholesaler. Providing service for tree retailers, landscapers, and other wholesalers.

Crestwood Growers was started in 1981 by Mike Gold. Mike was a graduate of USU majoring in Business, economics, and agriculture. Later Mike went on to get his MBA. During these years Mike developed the skills needed to start and run one of the most successful growers in the Intermountain area.

After college, Mike married Ina Marie Weston, his wife of 30 years. With her help, Mike started what is known today as Crestwood Growers. Over the past 23 years Crestwood Growers has made a name for itself for producing a quality product at a discounted price.

Mike has also begun to incorporate his four sons into the company as managers.

Trevor: Sales.
Judd: Growing and Distribution.
Rand: Marketing & Promotions.
Chandler: Machinery.